Get the skills, strategies, and contacts to own your brand’s PR.

This programme empowers you to drive your entire PR operation. You’ll take your brand to the next level, outstripping competitors and getting the recognition you deserve. Every resource, activity and 1-on-1 strategy session takes you one step closer to being your company’s PR expert—without the steep agency fees.

15 years of hard lessons, insights and PR success — delivered in 12 weeks

Got an urgent PR problem to solve?

Get a tailored solution and easy-to-follow action plan in just 90 minutes.

This 1-on-1 consultation is an alternative for small businesses and entrepreneurs with a specific PR roadblock to overcome, and marketing experts urgently upskilling for a client. You won’t become an expert, but you will solve your most pressing PR issue in double-quick time.

But for those looking for long-term results, sign up to PR Mastery and I’ll make you a PR expert!

Everything you need to know about PR Mastery and where it will take you.

This programme is for ambitious owners of aspirational, values-driven brands. The kind whose work makes a positive impact on the world. If you’re looking to:

  • Build enduring trust with customers
  • Get your brand featured in dream publications
  • Drive consistent sales and engagement 
  • Enjoy sustained growth while outpacing the competition 
  • Say goodbye to expensive agency retainers forever

Then you’re in the right place.

But 12 weeks isn’t a lot of time. You’ll need to put in the hard yards with concentration and commitment. You’re taking the leap knowing that the payoff—guiding your company forward through strategic, business-generating PR—will last a lifetime.

As well as gaining a firm grounding in PR fundamentals, enormous personal confidence and introductions to my own media partners, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Create & execute a PR strategy (using your brand messages and objectives)
  • Develop newsworthy story ideas and how to sustain momentum
  • Create an essential PR toolkit (something every brand needs before starting media relations. Includes launch press release, fact sheet, visual assets)
  • Create a reputable brand spokesperson 
  • Build and maintain an effective list of journalists 
  • Become a media relations expert (print, online, broadcast, podcasts)
  • Work with influencers, bloggers & vloggers 
  • Deal with incoming media enquiries 
  • Write an attention grabbing press release 
  • Evaluate and measure PR efforts 
  • Leverage media hits for additional benefits (e.g. using it in your marketing materials, SEO, to secure investment)
  • Identify and leverage effective brand partnerships
  • Create and run events for consumers and media

Each week you’ll work through a new module, including a key exercise which will become part of your brand’s media toolkit. I will guide you through each activity and provide clarity with ongoing email support for the full 12 weeks—as well as a 60-minute call every two weeks, on subjects tailored to your brand and business objectives. 

You’ll get exemplary resources and templates created exclusively for this programme, by me. Resources like the PR toolkit, press releases, brand fact sheet, key messages PDF, media lists, media monitoring and more.

As well as guiding you through every aspect of results-driven strategic PR, I’ll also make relevant introductions to my black book of contacts—cultivated over a 15-year global career.

You will be able to assume total responsibility for successfully driving your brand’s PR—bringing sales, brand recognition and growth. You will also:

  • Have personal introductions to my contacts, including top journalists and brand partners 
  • Be confident in communicating your brand and identifying the best new opportunities 
  • Receive a media-ready toolkit you can refer to for years to come (These usually cost thousands of pounds to acquire)
  • Have a content calendar of hooks to keep your brand front of mind
  • Experience increased accountability every week (with guidance ensuring each outcome is completed well and on time)
  • Lifelong access to exclusive templates and resources to guide your efforts over time

Enrol in the PR Mastery programme

The intensive nature of this 1-to-1 coaching means numbers are limited. If you’re ready to take the first step, then tell me about your business and PR goals and let’s take it from there. You can then quiz me on a free 20-minute call if you want to learn more about me, the programme or what it will give you. With this 12-week programme, you’re getting lifelong PR expertise for the cost of one single month with a London PR agency.